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Paddle Sports

Register your kit

By registering you are joining a safety campaign directly aimed at paddle sports users which requires all SUPs, kayaks and canoes to register with us before use in Fowey Harbour.

Your details are captured to provide safety information, but also be able to enable us to identify your kit if it is found adrift or unattended and allow us to check you are safe and well before launching rescue assets.

You will be issued with an annual licence sticker and your harbour dues collected, which are £20 per year per craft.

The funds raised from registration will contribute to the administration of the scheme and the wider management of our marine environment.

Simply fill in the online form below to register with us.

View our Paddle Sports FAQs for further information


Paddle Safety

British Canoeing provide lots more safety advice through their Go Paddling website

Everyone should enjoy paddling whether on holiday, day adventures or weekends out. And so, for those of you new to paddling, there are a range of videos and downloads to help you enjoy your time on the water safely.

Be Respectful of Wildlife

With increasing numbers of people visiting our coasts and seas we need to be mindful of its wildlife and make sure our actions do not cause disturbance.

What’s is the problem?…

Disturbance causes a change in animal behaviour. Disturbance affects the animal’s well-being and chance of survival. When disturbed, stress levels are raised, the fight and flight (or freeze )response is triggered, heart rate increases, breathing rate increases, rest and digest is disrupted, energy is wasted. Injury or death can occur when fleeing, abandoning young and separation from the group can occur leading to starvation or predation of those left alone.

The Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code aims to minimise the negative effect on marine and coastal wildlife from encounters with people, by raising awareness of potential impacts, and promoting best practice through engaging with the public and industry.

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