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The Incredible Journey of ‘Clet’ the Bottlenose Dolphin

April 15th 2016

Photo credit: Angela Marie Henshaw

In the summer of 2015, Fowey Harbour was lucky to have several visits by ‘Clet’ the lone bottlenose dolphin. He regularly interacts with boats and is easily identified by damage to his dorsal fin. Because of this his movements have been tracked. He was spotted as far east as Portland and right up the Scottish Highlands in the space of just a few months last year.

The Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly (ERCCIS), hosted by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, has worked with the Sea Watch Foundation to produce an interactive map of Clet’s journey. Multiple organisations around the UK, Ireland and the Isle of Man have inputted sightings, photographs and behaviour reports to help track his movements. As he is one of first dolphins to be tracked across so many regions, this information is very important to help us learn as much as we can about solitary bottlenose dolphins and this unique individual. The longer he is tracked and the more data we can collect goes towards helping us understand his movements and perhaps the reasoning behind his solo adventure.

The 'Tracking Clet' interactive map shows where and when Clet has been spotted around the British Isles and Ireland. The map allows you to click on points to display pictures and the comments provided by the relevant organisations and people who submitted Clet’s sighting. The map has been created in a way which allows us to add any future, and any yet to be submitted, Clet sightings to continually build up Clet’s amazing story.

We have not received any reports of Clet since the end of last summer, but we don’t want the tale to end there – Have you spotted a dolphin with a distinctive dorsal fin recently? Or do you have data on earlier sightings? Then get in touch!

Niki Clear – ERCCIS


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