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Fowey Harbour Commissioners create a book to celebrate 150 years ‘at the helm’

December 3rd 2018

The port of Fowey made its first shipment of china clay in 1869 when the railway lines were used to bring in locally mined china clay. In the same year, the Fowey jetties were built and operated by the railway companies and the Fowey Harbour Commissioners were formed to become the port authority to oversee these operations.

Since its formation, the Board of Commissioners has been dedicated to protecting the harbour’s environment while supporting, facilitating and promoting the many businesses, groups and individuals, whose livelihoods depend upon it.

Fowey Harbour is a Trust Port which means that any financial surpluses from commercial projects are reinvested straight back into the harbour to benefit all those who operate along and enjoy the river.

In 2019, the Commissioners will celebrate their 150th year, to celebrate this they have released a book to celebrate the Fowey River. Over time, trades and operations have changed but the Commissioners’ role remains the same; to balance the varied demands put upon the estuary by commercial and leisure users whilst keeping it the beautiful, special place that it is.

The book is called ‘The Fowey River – from source to sea, a colourful introduction to this much-loved Cornish river’. It is just that, a book filled with the fantastic views of our river, its landmarks and bite-sized pieces of information both old and new, taking you on a journey downstream. We hope it will become a must-have item whether you are ‘born and bred’ or new to the area, there is something new to learn about our home.

The book is priced at £9.95 and is available from the Harbour Office. Come along and get your copy, it’s the perfect Christmas present!

If you can't get to us, we can post one to you for £13.00 to include postage and packing.

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