25th March 2020

Dear Harbour User,

We would give you an update on our current position on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As directed by the Government, Fowey Harbour is reducing staff down to the level required to provide essential services. The Government have directed that people should remain at home except for essential trips and these do not include leisure or recreational related activities. Work that I consider essential for Fowey Harbour includes fulfilling our mandatory responsibilities (maintaining safe navigation, oil spill responsibilities and port security duties) in addition to continuing commercial shipping operations and supporting SAR assets.

The Harbour Office will remain closed but with phone lines manned between 1000-1600 Mon – Fri as the main point of contact for the public and customers and will retain a limited capacity for routine administration tasks (payments, discussing boat moves and temporary mooring allocations). But since there will be only one person manning the phones please be patient if you do need to contact us.

There will be limited operational staff coverage with VHF channel 12 being manned between 1000-1600 daily (again to ensure staff are able to operate without increased contact with other staff). The primary role of the operational staff will be safety critical activities including harbour patrols and dealing with incident reports.

Some work identified as essential will be completed including, repair and replacement of Berrill’s Yard pontoon to support the lifeboat operation and maintaining our tugs and pilot boats which are essential for the continued flow of freight

Our boatyards at Penmarlam and North Street Yard are closed to the public and no boat launching or recovery is permitted (this includes canoes kayaks and SUPs). If you require emergency access to your boat for safety critical reasons please make an appointment via the Harbour office and you will be escorted on and off site. My aim is to retain the capacity of healthy staff to be available for call out in the event of incidents and to respond to contingencies.

Please try to stay safe as directed by the Government and if you do have to go out on the water for safety critical or commercial reasons please have in mind that the harbour is exceptionally quiet and there is unlikely to be the usual level of response to incidents and emergencies.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding in these very difficult times.

Please familiarise yourself the relevent Harbour Notices which can be accessed via the Harbour Notices page in the Safety section.

Capt. Paul Thomas

Harbour Master

Tel: 01726 832471

Email: reception@foweyharbour.co.uk