Environmental Policy

It is the Harbour Commissioners policy to maintain the balance in the Harbour between commercial, recreational and environmental interests, whilst ensuring a sustainable and commercially viable Port.

The Harbour Commissioners are committed to achieving high standards of environmental performance and management through a framework of setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets relating to conservation and regulation of the Port and Harbour and complying with relevant UK, European and International legislation.

The Commissioners are determined to do what it can to ensure that the environment is passed to future generations in the same or better condition than it is today.

In implementing this policy, the Commissioners aim to do this by:-

  • Considering environmental factors when setting policies and formulating plans in managing the harbour.

  • To work towards continued achievement of high environmental standards, through the implementation of an Environmental Management System and to endorse the principles contained in the European Sea Ports Organisation Environmental Code of Practice.

  • To work closely with other bodies and interested parties in protecting the environment of the harbour and estuary by giving due regard for relevant nature designations.

  • Report annually on environmental performance, making all information available to the employees, harbour users, contractors, regulators, stakeholders and the general public

  • Continue to monitor key environmental indicators e.g. resource consumption and waste.

  • To minimise waste and actively participate in recycling programs.

  • Ensure that contingency plans and controls are in place and regularly reviewed, and endeavour to minimise any risks of environmental pollution.

  • Having distributed the policy, to communicate with, and educate employees, harbour users, contractors, regulators, stakeholders and the general public to ensure their awareness of their roles and responsibilities, and competence in performing them.

  • Develop policies where costs and availability allow and whenever possible apply best available technology to goods and plant acquisitions, facilities and activities to reduce emissions and energy consumption and that can be disposed of in a safe way.

  • Consider climate change adaptation in repair or renewal of waterside infrastructure, for example, raising the height of harbour walls to negate the effects of sea level rise.

  • To regularly check environmental performance and review of the Environmental Policy to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness in achieving the Environmental Objectives of the Harbour Commissioners.

  • To use the Estuary Partnership as a consultative body on all environmental matters.


As a regulator, provider of services and a key player in the local community, the Commissioners aim to implement its policy by:

  • Enforcing regulations and legislation in as effective and fair a way as possible in the interests of the environment and the quality of life of people in the locality.

  • Continuously monitoring the environmental impacts of its services (including energy, water, transport, and natural resources) to help it find ways to improve its service delivery.

  • Considering the environmental impact of policies and services.

  • Encouraging better waste management practice in the organisation and the local area through waste reduction, reuse and recycling, through partnerships with the community, local organisations and business, and the local authority.

  • Encouraging the use of more environmentally friendly transport options and, through working with others, secure improved facilities and promotion of these forms of transport. The use of less environmentally damaging fuels for transport will also be encouraged. Appropriate Commissioners’ policies will be employed to ensure that the authority leads by example in these areas.

  • Reducing pollution by overseeing the quality of the environment of the Harbour and then taking prompt action or assisting others to, where possible against water; air; land, and noise pollution, the inappropriate use and disposal of hazardous chemicals, and the general degradation of the local environment.

  • Working with the community to maintain and improve existing wildlife habitats and to create new ones.

  • Encouraging sound environmental practice in the local economy by welcoming “green” businesses into the harbour area and by supporting established businesses to adopt good eco-management practices in the interest of their business and of the local environment.

  • Raising awareness about environmental issues and encouraging good environmental practice by users, residents and the business community.

  • Providing the lead role in the Estuary Management Committee.


Reviewed and adopted: 25th January 2018

W.P Mitchell                                                                         

Chairman of Fowey Harbour Commissioners     


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