The Board

The role of the board of Fowey Harbour Commission (FHC) is to set and maintain a strategy for managing, preserving and improving the valuable, beautiful and vibrant port that is Fowey.

The purview of the Board crosses many disciplines in achieving this: safety, policies of port management, statutory compliances, finance, positioning of Fowey in the ports sector, relationships with outside bodies, and maintaining a staff to uphold these roles to name but a few. Our aim as a collective body is to listen to opinion, led by our stakeholder groups, and use this, our own understanding, collective skills and research to optimise Fowey Harbour for current and future users.

The Board is comprised of 9 appointed members who serve a 3 year term up to a maximum of 3 terms. Each year, 3 positions are open to be filled either by re-appointment or election of new members.