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Position of Harbour Commissioner

Applications are sought for the position of Fowey Harbour Commissioner to be appointed from May 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter, in compliance with the Fowey Harbour Revision Order 2001.

This position is without remuneration. Monthly meetings are held together with occasional other commitments.

New appointments are made against a job description under a selection and interview process and will be in accordance with rules for public appointments. The selection panel is made up of the Chairman of the Board, a Commissioner, a Council appointee and a stakeholder.

Successful appointees will have skills which will complement and enhance the existing Board. These skills may include:

- Commerce                                    - Shipping, fishing and cargo handling

- Maritime activities                         - Boating & leisure activities

- Health & Safety                             - Community issues Public/industrial relations

- Management                                 - Accountancy or financial management

- Environmental matters                   - Media and social media skills

Appointments will be made by Fowey Harbour Commissioners.

Closing date for nominations Friday 31st March 2017. Further details can be obtained from the Chief Executive, please contact the Harbour Office.

Fowey Harbour Commissioners

Harbour Office

Albert Quay


PL23 1AJ

01726 832471



For further information on this role and duties of a Harbour Commissioner visit the Board information page

Application Pack:

Application Form

Job Specification for Board Members

Skills required for Board Members

Role of a Commissioner

Declaration of Interest Information

Declaration of Interest Form

Note for Guidance of Disclosure

Guidance Notes on Legislation

Statutory Instrument 2001



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